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Everyone who explores the area around the Hotel Marschall Duroc walks on historical ground. In Görlitz are many historical and cultural important places to see. The location at the old est-western trading road “Via Regia” led to an economic growth. You can see prosperity and wealth on the magnificent buildings like the “Hallenhäuser” in the historical centrum. With about 4.000 memorials from gothic -, renaissance -, Baroque, and other periods Görlitz equals a picture- postcard of architecture.

A sacral specialty is the holy tomb, which is a faithful copy of the holy tomb in Jerusalem. Görlitz is one of the 18 stations on the touristic route of the “Via Sacra”, that connects places of the Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and North Bohemia. 

Görlitz has also different cultural facilities like a few museums or the Gerhard-Hauptmann-Theatre. Every year at the beginning of July the streets downtown turn into stages. Artist from around the world fascinate the visitors of the Street-Theatre-Festival “Via Thea”. Görlitz is also an absorbing setting for the “Tippelmarkt” (which is always on the 3rd weekend of July) or the Old Town Festival at the end of August. Around 20 min away from the Hotel Marschall Duroc is the Island “Einsiedel” located. It's an alternative theme park that holds adventures for the entire family.  25 km away you will find outstanding buildings of the modern period like the "Konrad Wachsmann-Haus" in Niesky or the “Haus Schminke” in Löbau, which was designed by Hans Scharoun. 


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