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The Marschall Duroc - a Hotel in a historical environment

„Goodbye, my friend“, Napoleon was quoted to say, when he left his dear friend Grand Marshal Géraud Christophe Michel Duroc. On the 22th of may his loyal mate was injured during a battle at the “Horterberg” at the edge of Görlitz. The next day he died from his injuries in a farm house in Markersdorf, which is next to Görlitz. Napoleon bought this property to raise a monument of his Grand Marshal.

After the victorious battle of Bautzen, Napoleons troops pushed the Prussian and Russian troops back. The enemy was hiding in the “cannon Bush” between Reichenbach and Markersdorf.

In the Hotel Marschall Duroc not only the name is historical. In the lobby you will find a portrait of Duroc, which was painted by Günther Hain. A painting in the restaurant shows the Grand Marschall laying on the ground struck by a bullet. Those dramatic events from 1813  are described on the informational board next to the painting.

It was told that Duroc was very educated and wealthy. Napoleon was influenced in his decision by the diplomatic skill of the Grand Marshall. Because of his ambulant merits Durocs name is written in the 15thcolumn in the triumphal arch in Paris. He found his final resting place in the “Dôme des Invalides” in Paris.

Source of historical information: Ratsarchiv Görlitz


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