• Ihr Wohlfühl-Hotel!


At Marschall Duroc's we value three things most.

Good Hospitality

We focus on our guests. That’s why we invested a lot of effort to create comfortable and elegant hotel rooms. We also offer a great service and take care of the needs of our guests.

Private Management

As one of the bigger hotels in and round Görlitz, the Hotel Marschall Duroc is special for being managed privately. We have the same high standards as hotel chains but we can fulfill your desires way faster and more flexible than bigger hotels. 

Special Charm

The best thing about the Hotel Marschall Duroc is its perfect location right in front of Görlitz. Our house is a unique combination of rural silence and closeness to the city. That’s why our hotel is not only great for business guests but also for people that are looking for some rest. 


Girbigsdorfer Straße 3
02829 Markersdorf / Görlitz
Telefon: +49 3581 7344
Fax: +49 3581 734222

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